Shanghai Maglev, China

If you’re heading over to Shanghai any time soon, you’ve just got to take a trip on the Maglev. At present it only travels 18.5 miles between Pudong International Airport and Longyang Road Station, but it does it pretty quickly…7 minutes to be precise!

Travelling at speeds of up to 431km/h (268mph) it is, without doubt, the fastest train in the world! However, it’s rarely full which means there’s always plenty of space for your suitcases in the luggage rack and with the cost of a one-way ticket at just over £5, it’s a relatively cheap journey too. Just don’t forget your camera – the speedometers in each carriage provide yet another photo opportunity!

So how does it work? These trains hover above a “guideway” thanks to Maglev (magnetic levitation) technology. Essentially powerful electromagnets are used to create both lift and propulsion, thereby reducing friction and allowing for greater speeds than conventional wheeled trains.

The only downside to the Shanghai Maglev is that Longyang Road Station isn’t most convenient location to get to or from due to the sheer volume of traffic on the surrounding roads (there are upwards of 24 million people trying to get around after all!)

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