Fairmont Nanjing, China

I’ve used this hotel a number of times for work related visits and I’m never disappointed. The Fairmont Nanjing is a spectacular sight to marvel at from the outside – in fact some say the glass fronted skyscraper bears a resemblance to a Chinese lantern – and on the inside it offers smart and stylish rooms and amenities.

Bedrooms are spacious and comfy and feature plenty of mod cons; Samsung HDTV, Bose Speaker, Espresso Maker and a TV built-in the bathroom mirror! I’ve often overlooked the Olympic Stadium and most recently I was upgraded to a “river view” room – not that I could see the Yangtze River through the smog (still, it’s the thought that counts!)

Breakfast at “Altitude” is an experience in itself. The choice of food is quality (there’s plenty of it too) and it’s no wonder you’re given a map detailing all of the cooking stations! Having said that, it’s fairly easy to navigate (and if all else fails, quite often the General Manager Graham is on hand to point things out!)

My only gripe during my most recent visit was the smell of smoke. I think (although not 100% sure) the hotel operates a no smoking policy, however smoking indoors in China isn’t uncommon – I suspect the smell gets into the air conditioning system and filters through into rooms.

Other than that, it’s great!

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