Bellagio, Las Vegas

Wow, what an interesting hotel experience and as with the majority of Las Vegas, blink, and you will more than likely miss something!

Arriving at the hotel by stretch limo (when in Rome!) you’re greeted by the world famous Bellagio fountains, which are even more impressive to witness in person than they are on the big screen.

The hotel lobby is a spectacle in itself with an incredible glass flower sculpture on the ceiling. The “wow” soon turns to “ow” as the check in process is painfully long and slow, and don’t get me started on the rude check girl either – I’ve written to the hotel about her already.

Once you’re done with the whole check in debacle, the surreal takes over again. The lobby merges into the casino and before you know it you’re walking passed roulette wheels and poker tables…and through a cloud of smoke – although there is some sort of smoking ban in Nevada, it excludes casinos!

For an extra $20 per night we upgraded to a fountain view room and it was worth every cent. It’s not just the front row seat to the fountain displays, it’s the surrounding views that makes it worth it; Caesars Palace and Venetian to the left, the replica London Eye and Eifel Tower opposite and Planet Hollywood and The Cosmopolitan to the right.
Bedrooms are spacious and comfortable but they don’t seem to keep out much noise. Oh and don’t go grabbing the drinks and snacks from the minibar unless you’re definitely consuming them – everything is on a sensor, so if you pick it up (even just to look at it) you will be charged for it!

In the weeks prior to my trip I was inundated with recommendations and messages on social media telling me how amazing this city was, and it didn’t disappoint. What’s even more incredible is that our visit came just a day after the tragic Mandalay Bay mass shooting, yet during our first night we joined the crowds at Freemont Street (which was busier than normal as many of the shows had been cancelled as a mark of respect to the victims) and witnessed nothing but love and togetherness – a sentiment that was echoed throughout the nights iconic light shows.

A trip to Vegas isn’t complete without a helicopter trip over the Hoover Dam, en route to the Grand Canyon. We booked through Canyon Tours and can highly recommend the sunset tour with picnic – the views are just stunning. Big thumbs up to pilot Casey too, he certainly made our experience even more entertaining and informative.

We even managed to cram in a couple of shows during our 3-day visit and as a fan of magic I was torn between David Copperfield and Penn & Teller. I opted for the latter and wasn’t disappointed. Unlike Copperfield, the duo have put a brand new show together which was fantastic, despite the omission of their famous bullet catch routine – completely understandable though considering the tragic event that unfolded the day before. They don’t do a magical disappearing act at the end of the show either; both spend a considerable amount of time posing for photos in the foyer – one of the highlights of my trip!

And if Penn & Teller was amazing, so too was Cirque du Soleil’s “O”. The show takes place in, around and above a massive pool of water. Most of the seemingly dangerous routines leave you on the edge of your seat, open-mouthed and thinking “blimey, if they slipped, that’s not going to end well”. Having said that, we’d happily go and watch it again!

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