Xplor, Mexico

Probably our favourite outing during our week in Mexico, Xplor is a jungle-based adventure park with amazing zip wire courses, amphibious vehicles, rafting & underground rivers.

You can expect to get wet too as all the zip wire courses end up with you flying through waterfalls and/or landing in water – it’s quite refreshing though as it can get pretty hot and sweaty as you climb the various towers to take off! Inevitably the zip wires are the most popular activity, so we went for these first and managed to get them all done before lunch.

That gave us plenty of time in the afternoon to have some fun in the amphibious vehicles, although owing to the hot weather the water element at this time of year (mid to late April) was reduced to a few puddles!

The caves that you drive, and subsequently swim and raft through, are just incredible with stalactites and stalagmites around every corner. As with Xel-ha, just watch out in the caves when you’re swimming as it gets shallow at times and leaves you with a few bumps and bruises. As exciting and exhilarating as it may sound, rafting does have the potential to “make or break” your relationship…luckily we survived, just!

There’s a decent choice of food available throughout the day – pizza, pasta, meat, fish, salad, pastries and ice cream – plus unlimited drinks.  We also purchased a photo package to capture all our zip wire and water-based adventures, there are plenty of photo points throughout the park.

Once again we booked through Experiencias Xcaret and there’s plenty included in the price of the tour; park admission, lockers, safety helmet, harness, life vest, unlimited food and drink (no booze though), amphibious vehicles and rafts.

Top tips, take your own towel, these aren’t included. If, like me, you only have to look at the sun to get burnt, a water top is advisable as are water shoes.

All in all, great value for money, great fun, great day out.

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