What even is good leadership?

I’m beginning to wonder if people really know what good leadership actually is. It’s a term that has been used an awful lot lately, given the extraordinary events happening around the world, but do people really know what it is?

Let’s start with what it isn’t…

Good leadership is not about being the loudest or smartest person in the room, nor is it about telling people what to do or chastising them when things go wrong.

Plenty of people confuse management and leadership tooSo what’s the difference?

Management is doing things right – the day-to-day stuffLeadership is doing the right things – the “top level” thinking.

It’s a subtle difference and although there are similarities, not all managers are leaders BUT all leaders have to be managers.

So, what is good leadership? Amongst many things, it is…

  • Thinking strategically and having a vision that is communicated, owned and has measures in place.
  • Providing clear communication of direction.
  • Being vulnerable and having amazing self-awareness.
  • Knowing your people and building strong teams.
  • Asking great questions and listening to what is said.
  • Inspiring others.
  • Developing great relationships that are built on trust and respect.
  • Developing, coaching and empowering people.
  • Creating a culture of innovation.
  • Addressing conflict, containing anxieties, and removing obstacles.
  • Living the values of the business.

Just a few attributes that, in my opinion, epitomise good leadership.

What would you add to the list?

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